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Helper Application
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Joined: 10th Jul 2014
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12th Jul 2014

1. Your mc in game name: iandbcraft14
2. How old are you: 14
3. How active are you: I play a ton during the summer (8-10 hours a day),and during the school year I play a lot on the weekend (6-8 hours a day), and about (3-4 hours a day) in the week.
4.How mature are you from a scale of 1 - 10: I would give myself a 9. I am very mature and I like to laugh around and joke also.
5.Do you have skype or and communication application: Yes. My Skype name is iancampbelldbcraft14. I love to Skype people.
6.How active are you or how long would you be on the server during weekends and school days.: I am very active during the weeks and weekends. weekends (6-8 hours a day) weeks summer- (6-8 hours a day) school- (3-4 hours a day).
I have been a helper on many other servers, and I would love for this one to be one of them. I have played this server for a while now and I really love it. It is the best prison I have ever played. Really take my application in to consideration. I will be there most of the time if you need me.
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Joined: 5th Jul 2014
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17th Jul 2014

needs more details tho like what do u do as helper and how can u help us

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Forum » Forums » General Discussion
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