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Tigers Helper Apps
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Joined: 24th Jun 2014
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24th Jun 2014

Whats Your Ign name: Tigerbossman30

How old are you: I am 15 years old

How Active are you: I am active alot and i am always on  minecraft server and would help out any server that needs it but my priorties would be set to this one.

How mature are you: I am an 8-9 i am not a perfect mature person but i am mature when its time to be focused i will be as focused and mature as possible

My skype is itrybutfail

How active are you? I am very active and would be on the server as much as needed!

Plz consider me for helper, btw remember me sam
Joined: 4th Jul 2014
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4th Jul 2014

Good Application but just not detailed enough. I know it might be down to the lack of questions we asked or just that we didn't explain the questions good enough. Also spelling and grammar need improving its - it's. Plz - please.

Other than that Nice Application!

Cheese (Admin)
Joined: 5th Jul 2014
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5th Jul 2014

I like this thread but as

bummer ( Cheese ) (Admin )

Says it needs more details

-RoadsterRanger ( Head-Admin )

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